December 2022

Activities along Whittemore Ave will include:

  • Lot C: Utility connections to the field office/job trailer
  • Lot B: Renovations to the small building
  • Building 1: Ongoing activities related to interior construction
  • Building 2: Demolition activity of the exterior envelope

The structural demolition of remaining existing buildings has begun. On the southern side of the buildings 1 & 2, there will be activities related to tent erecting for future soil disturbing work along with sub-surface non-soil disturbing probing for any potential obstructions in the footprint of new building #4.

Smaller tents near the Harvey St. gate have been erected and soil disturbing work within those tents has started. DEP has reviewed and approved tent activities near Harvey and that all activities are going to follow the approved RAM and NTWP plans.

Any modifications and improvements to the public pathways on the west side of the property running from Whittemore Ave down along Parkway Pond to the MBTA Headhouse Plaza area will also continue throughout the month.