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Latest Construction Update

  • April 2024

    Whittemore Ave neighborhood area and North Parking Lots:

    • Building 1: Ongoing activities related to interior construction.
    • Building 2: Continued construction activity related to both interior and exterior.
    • Building 3: Continued construction activity related to both interior and exterior.
    • North Parking Lot C: Under way, with tenting and excavation.
    • East Parking Lot: Currently being prepared for the laying of asphalt.
    • Tent #1 is in the process of being permanently dismantled and decommissioned.
    • Tents #2 and #3 will be active with soil disturbing activities with sequential moves southeast of Buildings 4 and 5. 
    • Tent #4 will be moved to the southwest corner of the garage along the entrance path coming in from Alewife Access Road and DCR Path Ped/Bike Routes.  
    • Gate A has been reestablished as the primary entrance & exit to the main construction site.  Gate E near the jug handle road is temporarily closed for tenting operations.

    Building 4 open excavation in clean soils will be ongoing in the footprint of the building for utilities.

    The temporary Eversource electrical substation near Harvey Street is active and provides temporary construction power throughout the site. Temporary overhead electrical lines and poles are installed throughout the site to distribute electricity. 

    Construction heaters are active in Building 2 and are running 24/7 to heat temperature-sensitive construction activities. These heaters are kerosene-fueled and have been granted a noise ordinance variance.

    Some generators continue to run during regular working hours to support various construction activities. No generators are being run off hours.

    The public pathways on the west side of the property running from Whittemore Ave down along Parkway Pond to the MBTA Headhouse Plaza have been updated with lighting, and activation of the emergency call box phones on the most southern section has been completed.Mobilization of the southwest corner of Jerry’s Pond will commence at the end of the month and permitted tree removal.

    April Construction Plan: