Alewife Park

Community Benefits

Community Process


The Project benefitted from around fifty (50) meetings with community members, some of whom who worked on the original zoning applicable to the Project Site and newer residents who gave significant input during the public process. Large public meetings were attended by one hundred to two hundred participants and included mailings to approximately 3,000 households.


Thank you to the community members and groups that have participated in the engagement process to date: • Alewife Study Group • Friends of Jerry's Pond • Just-A-Start • Green Cambridge • Mass Audubon • Cambridge Bike

    IQHQ welcomes the opportunity for community members to submit historical knowledge of the Project Site including Jerry’s Pond. Information will be collected in consideration for the historic wayfinding pedestrian experience.



    Historic Fact

    MBTA Alewife Station Headhouse Plaza Restoration

    Working with MBTA to restore the head house plaza including, new plaza surface, adding more and new lighting, providing trees in large planters, repainting the head house on west, east and south side, adding new community mural on the north wall, provisions for food trucks, and replacing existing entry doors

    Jerry's Pond

    Improving public access around Jerry's Pond, with raised wooden boardwalk style pedestrian paths and viewing stations off the boardwalk with picnic tables and seating at appropriate locations. At Rindge Avenue, a new boardwalk with viewing stations are proposed. The pubic access plan will include short- and long- term maintenance plans, and an ecological education program.

    Jerry's Pond Listening Session Survey:

    View the Listening Session Survey

    Ecological Center Pavilion

    Provide an open air, roofed Ecological Center pavilion for youth and community learning at the eastern boardwalk of the Project Site. The Ecological Center design will include an outdoor grill for community use by reservation.

    Communal Garden

    Maintenance of communal garden in partnership with Green Cambridge

    Project Site

    Providing various public areas, including a new public central plaza (at the heart of the Project Site) with food and beverage amenity; and a smaller, more informal plaza at the east end of the Promenade with sloped lawns. Programming such as food trucks and a temporary performance platform will provide activation and community benefit to the Project Site

    Economic and Other Community Benefits

    Based on FY 2021 Commercial Property Tax Rate ($11.85), the addition of 232,500 sf of GFA of net new office and lab space and substantial renovation of existing buildings, the Project will generate a significant increase in the amount og annual real estate tax revenue for the City and significant State sales and business tax revenue to the Commonwealth

    Transportation, Access and Circulation

    Providing new, improved, public pedestrian and bicycle connections to the MBTA Alewife Station, Russell Field, Harvey Street, and the Alewife Linear Park

    Providing direct access/connections to MBTA Red Line Alewife Station

    Providing vehicular access/connections that mitigate cut-through traffic through both the Project Site and adjacent neighborhood and separates vehicles from non-auto users whenever possible