Getting Around

Starting August of 2022, the Alewife Park project site will be secured at the site perimeter as noted in the Construction Management Plan. The site fence will displace pedestrians and bicyclists from paths connecting Whittemore Avenue to the MBTA headhouse. The alternative routes are shown below with options both to the west and east of the project site:

Additionally, the project includes several new pedestrian and bike paths designed to connect the three distinct neighborhoods along Whittemore Ave, Harvey Street, and Rindge Avenue. These improvements are designed to improve bicycle and pedestrian circulation across the Project Site and adjacent areas, and are intended to improve the experience of both pedestrian and bicyclists while promoting increased use by both. Today these neighborhoods are disconnected and there is not a clear exchange between Jerry’s Pond, the baseball fields, the recreational facility, and the MBTA Alewife headhouse. The new pedestrian paths included as part of the project are designed to improve public access to each of these areas while offering protection of natural spaces and habitats.

Pedestrian Paths

Bicycle Paths