Construction Management Plan

Construction Management Plan (CMP) Approaches


Normal Working Hours are 7AM – 5PM, however non-noise generating activities such as deliveries may occur off-hours. All construction activities to comply with the City of Cambridge Inspection Services Department (ISD) permitting regulations.


Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to be administered to mitigate air and noise pollution including utilizing new, clean and well-maintained equipment. Select vibration monitoring to be employed as required.

Air Monitoring both within tent containments during excavation activities as well as outside tent containments will be conducted in accordance with the applicable environmental documents (in example, RAM Plan & NTWP).


As shown in the project’s Construction Management Plan (CMP) drafted by VHB dated 06/27/22 a safe pedestrian pathway has been identified and reviewed by the City of Cambridge Traffic Department.


Dust Control mitigation measures are identified in the Construction Management Plan (CMP) drafted by VHB dated 06/27/22 as well as the project’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and will include:

  • Wetting agents as required.
  • Covered trucks.
  • Periodic street sweeping to reduce dust accumulation.
  • Wheel wash stations.
  • Wind-screen (scrim) to be installed on perimeter fencing.


Odor Control to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Best Management Practices (BMP’s) will be administered to mitigate any odor.


AECOM Tishman is committed to comply as recommended with the Rodent Resources as provided by Cambridge Inspectional Services Department (ISD).

Often on construction projects, local professional rodent control companies are engaged, such as Waltham Pest Control, to assist as needed.

Specific Rodent Control mitigation measures to be implemented as follows:

  • Designated break areas with identified barrels with lids.
  • Frequent and controlled dumpster swaps.
  • Recycling to reduce trash.
  • Frequent inspections of Rodent Control measures to ensure program is functioning as desired.

Alternative ways for rodent control that may be implemented include Dry Ice. Dry Ice tends to be easiest to administer and basically puts the rat to sleep.

Other possible solutions: Rat traps/snap traps, sprinkling spices like cinnamon, mint, and pepper. Speaking with the community about Owl nesting boxes as these are natural predators.