Alewife Park


On-Site Urban Design/Public Realm

Provide various public areas with programming to provide activation and community benefit to the Project Site, including a new landscaped promenade through the Project Site

Off-site Urban Design/Public Realm

o Restore the MBTA Alewife Station headhouse plaza, subject to MBTA approval
o Improve public access around Jerry's Pond, with raised wood boardwalk style pedestrian paths viewing stations, picnic tables and seating at appropriate locations, and a new Communal Garden and Ecocenter in partnership with Green Cambridge and Mass Audubon
o Improve the RTE 16 sidewalk by repairing and adding new lighting to path for enhanced safety. Construct a new 6' wide asphalt pedestrian path approximately 10' east of existing sidewalk


Incorporating planting of more than 575 new trees on-site, as well as an addition of eleven (11) trees within the surface lots north of Whittemore Avenue.


Providing new, improved public pedestrian and bicycle connections to the MBTA Red Line Alewife Station, and nearby community spaces, as well as providing vehicular access/connections that mitigate cut-through traffic through both the Project Site and adjacent neighborhood.


Targeting LEED Gold level certification reducing urban heat island effect through high albedo roofs, green roofs, and light color paving.

Energy Efficiency

Incorporating high performance building design measures that target a 15% energy use reduction below code, generating on-site renewable energy through installation of PV panels on top of the enclosed penthouses of the new construction lab buildings and providing a solar array canopy at the east surface parking lot, and providing electric vehicle parking and charging stations.

Stormwater Management/Water Quality

Improving stormwater infiltration and retention with rain gardens and permeable paving, as well as green roof areas.

Water Resources

Providing efficient water fixtures selections that reduce the indoor water use and storm-water harvesting system that reduces the outdoor water use.

Economic Benefits

Generate a significant increase in the amount of annual real estate tax revenue for the City and significant State sales and business tax revenue to the Commonwealth.


Creating approximately 1,538 permanent jobs and 1,200 construction jobs in a variety of trades.

Voluntary Commitments

• Creation of a $500,000 scholarship fund and other career building contributions, as well as Contribute $500,000 to Just a Start – Biomedical Career Program.
• Maintenance of communal garden in partnership with Green Cambridge at a cost of $40,000 per year.